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Hi there, we’re a small group of people working together to try to help others like us feel more confident as we start to socialize again with our friends and family.


It’s free for your personal use. We built this to be a community-supported effort, so at some point in the future, we may ask you to help pitch in to cover our server costs. (Right now, we’re focused on getting this launched and made available!)

Eventually, we’re considering making this available to businesses who might want to take this same approach with getting their teams back together in person. We’ll probably charge companies for that. But our goal is to keep it free for you to use with your friends and family.

The short answer: we try not to get too much data from you in the first place. We only ask for your email address to sign up, and nothing else.

We don’t store your individual responses to a particular survey question. We take your answer and do two things: (1) we figure out how it affects your group’s overall score and store the update to the score, (2) update our aggregate data on each question’s responses. Then we discard your answer so that it’s never stored or associated with you or your email address.

To be clear: if you answer “Yes” to “Did you go to that wild party last night?” (not an actual question…) — no one has any way to determine that it was you specifically who answered “Yes”.

The long answer is available in our Privacy Policy.

Your group creator sets the group terms. Terms are often based on CDC and government recommendations, but your administrator can choose the ones that make the most sense for your group.
Nope. Terms can update as needed. This is something your group administrator can control.
Nope! First off, we don’t actually store individual responses, so we couldn’t tell you if we wanted to. Second, we don’t think computers and surveys should replace actual communication with your friends and family. Send a group message, email, FaceTime, or whatever it is — and have a discussion with your group.

We send two types of emails: transactional (related to your group) and marketing (announcements, tips and tricks, and other news).

Transactional emails can be stopped by leaving all groups. Login here to leave groups.

Marketing emails can be unsubscribed by clicking the link in the email, or by visiting this link and entering your email address.

What if I have other questions?

Let us know! Reach on Twitter or Reddit.


A few tips and tricks to consider when
building your social contracts.

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