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Start your socially isolated social group, and increase the confidence of social gatherings, by ensuring everyone is on the same page.

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Featured image for The New York Times covers the “Dos and Don’ts of Quarantine Pods”

Social Contract is all about creating safe interactions with your friends and family. A few weeks ago, the NYT covered the topic of creating a...

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Featured image for MIT Technology Review - A guide to negotiating a covid bubble

The MIT Technology Review has 9 quick tips of how to negotiating a social pod during this pandemic. Here they are:

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Featured image for The Dos and Don’ts of ‘Quarantine Pods’

As parents face the possibility of a summer devoid of camps, pool parties, barbecues and vacations, many are wondering what they can do to keep...

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Featured image for How to stand your ground on social distancing, without alienating family and friends

As the pandemic presses on and restrictions ease, I’ve been conflicted about what social events to attend, if any. Denying my parents opportunities to see...

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Featured image for When and How Will I Be Able to Safely Visit My Friends and Family?

After months in isolation, we’re all ready to see the people who matter most to us. But the last thing we want is to put...

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Featured image for 61% of Americans Plan Trips to Visit Family, Friends, As Some States Begin to Reopen

In a time of crisis, connecting with loved ones is more important than ever, but sadly during the coronavirus pandemic, spending time with family and...

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Featured image for Want to see friends and family, now that COVID-19 restrictions are loosening? Here’s what to consider

Diana Butzlaff isn’t asking for much. All the retiree from Woodbury, Minn., wants is to pick up her granddaughter and drive to a nearby park...

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Featured image for I Have a “Quarantine Bubble” With People Outside My House. You Should Too.

We put a lot of thought into doing this responsibly. It makes me feel like I can live this way for a lot longer.

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Featured image for Going to the Movies. Getting a Haircut. Hugging Your Parents.

As the national conversation turns, perhaps prematurely, from flattening the curve to reopening businesses and restarting life, we’re all trying to figure out which parts...

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Featured image for A guide to negotiating a covid “bubble” with other people

This weekend I’m going to break my isolation for the first time in two months. Aside from occasional socially distanced bike rides and walks in...

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Featured image for Want to join my bubble? This is what your future social life could look like

Never before have so many people in the world lived in such tiny bubbles. With billions across the globe now under coronavirus-related restrictions, it has been...

Featured image for CBS News/YouGov - Most Americans will be comfortable visiting friends once stay-at-home orders end

This poll is a part of the CBS News/YouGov partnership and was first cited in the CBS News article, “Americans prioritize staying home and worry...

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