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How it works

How it works

Social Contract is a private way to establish and check in on your social pod.

Step 1

Form a pod and set terms.

Your group is your pod. Your pod will agree to a set of terms.

Social Contract will suggest terms based on local health authority recommendations.

Step 2

Track compliance with quick surveys.

Each member is asked a set of questions every few days. The survey is quick and easy. No more than a minute.

Answers are collected and aggregated back into an overall group score.

Step 3

Share with the group.

Each pod gets a score.

This score lets you decide whether you want to opt-in to social engagements with that pod, or if you need to have a frank conversation with the group to encourage everyone to stay safe.

Step 4

Make informed decisions.

Members can check the group score and decide whether to socialize with them or not. You can make more informed decsions. And do it all at no cost.

Social Contract exists to make it easier for you and your friends, colleagues, family, and others to safely interact with each other during the pandemic.

It starts with getting everyone on the same page about what precautions they will take, and expect others to take. All members of your group should discuss what makes sense for you and your situation.

Social Contract provides a wide set of “terms” that every member in the group will adhere to. The group creator picks the ones that the group has agreed to, and we take it from there.

Every few days, each person in your group will get an email, and will be asked a few questions. Everyone’s responses are completely anonymous - so if you forgot to wear your mask to the grocery store yesterday, answer honestly, but no one else in the group will know.

The answers to the questions from each group member are aggregated into a group score. If you have several people in the group not adhering to the terms that were set, the group will have a low score (closer to zero). If everyone is generally adhering to the terms, the group score will be higher (closer to 100).

That way, you can log into the Social Contract dashboard anytime and see how the group is doing. If the score is too low, you might reconsider social activity with group members.

That’s it! We’re confident that it will be easier to have safe interactions, sooner!

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